Farmer John videos posted

Friday July 28 2017 Black Cat Bone played at the Tip Top Deluxe in Grand Rapids MI, taking the middle slot between Elroy Meltzer and Left Lane Cruiser.

We ran into Farmer John who helps out with a lot of the shows at the Tip Top Deluxe. Farmer John is also the founder of the Cowpie Music Festival in Alaska, Michigan. They host some of the best live music to be found around yonder parts and are something you should check out.

He asked us to do a short interview, which he then posted on his Facebook account. Farmer John also captured our first song in the set in a separate video.

New Shows: Left Lane Cruiser, Bloodshot Bill, Abram Gunther

SATURDAY AUGUST 5th 2017 9pm  @ QUINN & TUITE’s  Grand Rapids MI – Abram Gunther & the Bear-A-Tones, Love Handle

FRIDAY JULY 28th 2017 @ 9pm Tip Top Deluxe Grand Rapids MI – Left Lane Cruiser

WEDNESDAY JUNE 21st 2017 7pm @ Tip Top Deluxe Grand Rapids – Bloodshot Bill, Chuck Whiting