Mini-Documentary on Black Cat Bone posted on youtube

Our self-produced mini-documentary  has now been posted to our youtube page. The video is approximately 5 minutes, and features Scott Warren (vocalist/guitarist) discussing various topics about Black Cat Bone. Recent material from practice sessions in February and March 2017 is in the video as well.

Southbound I-35 mini-review of Black Cat Bone

Southbound I-35 is an awesome podcast out of Austin Texas that features all kinds of great information and news about some serious southern music, primarily focused on good ol’ Texas.

Over on they’ve just released episode 43, which mentions Black Cat Bone in the “Texas Wants You Anyways” segment at the tail end of a really interesting episode.

We are honored that host David Ryan thought enough of us to include a taste of our song “I don’t worry much” in his review of Black Cat Bone.

DO yourself a favor and check out and learn about some really great American music that you might not have heard about yet!