Support BCB

Black Cat Bone is a small band from a small city, deep in the heart of the American Rustbelt. We are not rock stars. We will never be rock stars. We all have day jobs, bratty kids, overdue bills, broke ass cars, and all the other accouterments of living in the American Rat Race. We get together with whatever precious free time we have to play small gigs for barely any pay, just to meet new friends and share our vision of what good music is, and we bust our asses for that privilege!

What keeps us going is the positive feedback from our friends and fans. We are making music, and memories, from the places we go, and the people we meet. That’s why when people reach out to us to say that they liked something we did, or that a song meant something to them, we really appreciate it. It really makes all of the stress and struggle we put ourselves through to make Black Cat Bone a reality worthwhile.

If you are feeling inclined to support us in making new music to bring to the world, we have several options available for your consideration

Stream or Buy our music

We have our music available on most online streaming service (Apple Music, Google Play + Youtube, Amazon, Spotify to name a few!) under the name Black Cat Bone 616. Streaming doesn’t pay much, but it helps… especially if you share the links to your favorite tracks in your social media!

Another great way to support Black Cat Bone is to buy music from our Bandcamp site. You can pay our set price, or make your own price. If you join our “fan club” you get the entire discography for the low price of $5.00. Whatever you pay, Bandcamp pays us the best of any platform we use.

Paypal or Venmo “tip jar” options

Anyone wanting to contribute financial support in any amount can help Black Cat Bone continue making our premium Deconstructed Rustbelt Blues by connecting with us at or