3 Bad Ass Hombres playing Deconstructed Rustbelt Blues

bcb june 2018
Ed Root (harmonica/guitar) Eric Morin (drums) Scott Warren (guitar/vox) Ryan Sheridan (bass)

Black Cat Bone is a three piece band from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Band members Edwin Root (harmonica, guitars), Ryan Sheridan (bass) and Scott Warren (vocals. guitars, drums)spend their time exploring the depths of their Descontructed Rustbelt Blues, the band draws inspiration from the Lomax recordings of early 20th century sharecroppers and prisoners of the rural southern states.

Black Cat Bone utilizes bottleneck guitar, harmonica, bass, and drums to deliver their nihilistic version of the american music experience.

We make music the old fashioned way, but we ain’t stuck in no damn time-warp! We sing songs about God, the Devil, and the misadventures of the lost and lonely souls in between.
Our music is a reflection upon our lifestyle, our work ethic, our values… it’s the type of music you play while drinkin’ on the front porch with your friends and family, having a goodtime, all of the beer bottles and ashtrays rattling in time to the rhythm; Raw. Simple. Honest.