Black Cat Bone with Freight Train Rabbit Killer December 8th

Black Cat Bone just landed a sweet gig with the legendary Freight Train Rabbit Killer out of Kansas City, Missouri. The show is at Mulligan’s Pub in Eastown, the only neighborhood in Grand Rapids skanky enough to host such musical filth as this event promises to be.

If you havent checked out FRTK yet, their bio describes the band in an interesting manner:

The band Freight Train Rabbit Killer is made up of Kris Bruders (Freight Train) and Mark Smeltzer (Rabbit Killer) Freight Train Rabbit Killer is a duet. Described as a heavy doom blues American Roots opera – a shaman of the hills and a vigilante bent on justice. We have been performing at home (Kansas City MO) and on the road for about 3 years. Our live shows have been described as being intense. a freaking fantastic musical journey. Creepy and honest. It’s storytelling through music. Doom blues. Screaming electric guitars. All accompanied by suits and masks.”


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