Black Cat Bone is the music of Sixty Watt Scott, a guitarist and songwriter from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Formed as a trio in late 2009, Black Cat Bone’s sound has been categorized as Deconstructed Rustbelt Blues, Mid-West Coast Blues, or Low-Fi Blues. The band draws inspiration from the Lomax recordings of 20th century sharecroppers and prisoners of the rural southern states, the electrified blues pioneers of mid-century Chicago, and old school punk bands

Black Cat Bone makes music the old fashioned way, but they ain’t stuck in no damn time-warp! They sings songs about God, the Devil, and the misadventures of the lost and lonely souls in between.
Black Cat Bone’s music is a reflection upon their lifestyle, their work ethic, their values…
It’s the type of music you play while drinkin’ on the front porch with your friends and family, having a good time, all of the beer bottles and ashtrays rattling in time to the rhythm; Raw. Simple. Honest.

Some of the bands Black Cat Bone has played with include:
Left Lane Cruiser, Molly Gene One Whoaman Band, Bloodshot Bill, Patrick Sweaney, Lou Shields, Johnny Lowebow, Hymn For Her, Freight Train Rabbit Killer, Mikey Classic , Stovepipe Stover, Ernie Clark & The Magnificent Bastards, and Justin Howl.

Some of the venues Black Cat Bone have played include:
Grand Rapids MI – Wealthy Theatre, Mulligan’s Pub, Tip Top Deluxe, Iron Well, Grand Rapids Brewing Co, Local 741, Ice Cream Parlor & Toys, Everything Falls Apart Records, Grand Rapids Zine Fest, Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, Grand Rapids PRIDE Fest, Quinn & Tuite’s, Artprize (guerilla concert), Beerhorst Wonder Wagon, Sangha #9, Really Really Free Market, Bad Mojo Design, White’s Bar, Bemo’s Bar, The Old Dog Tavern, Final Gravity Brewing, Chicago IL – The Abbey, Blue Bayou, The Horseshoe

Anyone looking to contact Black Cat Bone/Scott can reach us at or on Instagram or Facebook